Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prairie Star Progress

This is an quiltghan I am working on for my Mom. Originally it was going to be for her birthday, errrrrr back in February. Obviously I didn't get it done in time. Then I was going to shoot for Mother's Day. it still looks like this, and Mother's Day is this coming Sunday. So, maybe I will finish it in time for Christmas 2007! I am now trying to feverishly finish a doily for Mother's Day for her instead.
The afghan under it was given to me by my Grandma 17 years ago as a wedding present. It has been well used, and is still in great condition. I have been looking for a pattern for it. I saw on that someone had recently made one and it was called a spiderweb afghan. Grandma doesn't have the pattern for it anymore, so I will have to just keep on looking. I would love to make one for my daughter when she gets married eventually. Maybe if I start working on it now...?

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