Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Mom got her doily and loved it! She called me last night to tell me how pretty it was and she couldn't believe how "crafty" I had become. I love crocheting doilies because they look a lot more intricate than they really are, and there is quick turnaround time on them. She couldn't believe that I had done one in between my Grandmas and hers.

The one I am working on now, I realized has a mistake on the previous round. I am going to have to go back tonight and frog it back to that point and fix it. I found the mistake Sunday night, and decided I would wait until I was less tired to re-examine it. Maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I was too tired last night to look at it, but I don't have to work my second job tonight, so should have time to work on it.

Hobby Lobby has DMC crochet thread on sale this week. Sara is about due for another round of hand-dyed thread. I really need to try to avoid temptation and not buy more thread. It's an addiction, I have plenty, but is there such a thing as too much? But its on sale! But I don't have that color combo! But...but...but...