Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Addiction - Thread/Yarn


I suppose there are worse addictions to have. Mine is yarn, thread, and crochet books. When I started crocheting again back in late November of '06, I bought one skein of yarn, and an "I taught myself to crochet" kit. I had never really made anything when I crocheted before, just "mastered" the sc and attempted an afghan with that stitch. *yawn*

I have accumulated several crochet books as well...thanks ebay! I mean really...if it is a good can you pass that up?

So...since November this is what I have accumulated...Hobby Lobby doesn't help, they have had some incredible sales...$.099 yarn, $1.17 thread...I can't help it I can't pass up a deal. Did I mention...its an addiction? Keep in mind that the drawers you see are 2 deep in skeins. (Ah-hah! There is that dark purple thread I thought I had but couldn't find with my other thread!)

I'm an addict. I don't care. I'm off to go look for sales and see what is new on ebay!