Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oct. 17-22 update

So much for "daily" updates...

I have completed a bunch of motifs on Moms present in the past week. In fact, I only have one corner left to do, then I have to do edging. I might even finish it this weekend if I keep at it! Of course, I have not worked on anything else for Christmas, so my list is not getting shorter.

WHAT IS THAT?!?!=================>

*cough cough* I don't know what you are talking about...what afghan that I am working on at lunch? Oh...that is just a project to keep here at work so that I don't have to transport back and forth each day. Not a Christmas project at all. Although, I should have brought in a bunch of scarf yarn and been doing that instead. But no...what fun is that? That would mean I wouldn't have anything to complain about in my crochet world if I was actually doing what I was supposed to be doing and whittling down my Christmas To-Do list.

I may have been a bit ambitious in thinking I could get that much done. So, I probably need to sit down and come up with an alternate list. Maybe I can start on stuff for next Christmas? Yeah...right...as soon as Christmas is over, I will probably not look at it until this time next year, who am I kidding? Well...I am off to my Procrastinators Anonymous meeting...more later!!!