Thursday, October 11, 2007

Oct. 10th progress

Three more motifs done. I don't know why these are taking so long. Probably because I am watching TV while doing it. I am also weaving through ends as I go. I hate weaving in ends, and this is a HUGE project, and the idea of having a whole bunch of ends to weave in after I am through is not at all appealing to me. I have to weave in at the beginning of each motif and the end, because of the way I am doing the starting round. It gets way too loose if I leave it while I work. I also have a bad habit of admiring my work after each motif is done. So it is taking me about 30 minutes a motif, and I know when I had timed it when I worked on it in the beginning that I had them down to about 10-12 minutes per motif. I have the motif memorized now, so I don't have to keep refering back to the pattern, but I do watch TV as well, so that distracts me. At least I am getting it done slowly but surely!

I did not get my crinoline girl put together last night. I need to get some fabric glue or see if Hobby Lobby has an inexpensive hot glue gun. So, she may not get completely finished until this weekend. I have to weave in all then ends too. Ick.