Monday, November 5, 2007

No dyeing after all

We didn't get to dye. I ran out of time to get it ready to soak, so I am going to finish that over the next couple of nights, and soak it Wednesday, so we can try on Thursday.

I did put some of the thread I dyed back in July up for auction on Ebay to see how it will go. I did that on Saturday, but as of right now, I still don't have any hits. I've been told to be patient. I'm trying.

On a good note, I am on the edging for Mom's Christmas present! I had to stop last night because my hand was getting tired. I figured if I kept pushing on, then I would probably pay for it later by either being in too much pain to crochet for a couple of days, or making a mistake that I would have to go back and fix. Once I get the edging done, I can move on to the smaller projects and hopefully get some of that list taken care of.