Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Between Meals Centerpiece doily

I didn't even realize this is the doily that is my background! When I set up my blog page, I was looking for something crochet related, liked this one, and snapped it up...don't even know from where now. Then, today on the 'Ville, rascalsmom posted a pic of her finished one, and I recognized it immediately. The one on my background looks like it had some extra work done on it by putting some scallop-y looking things between the points though, that I would love to figure out. I was so excited, and then to find out that it is a FREE pattern...I was in doily pattern heaven! I found it, and saved it to my pattern folder on my computer to work on after the holidays. If I start on it now, then everyone will get gift certificates for Christmas for sure!!!

Not sure how much crocheting I will get done today and tomorrow, but hoping to get a bunch done after Thursday. I have been working on snowflakes each night while I watch tv, but I am not going to get nearly as many finished as I had hoped.

I am off to go do more cleaning before tomorrow. I had to take a break. I just feel so overwhelmed and like I will not have everything done in time. Of course, getting online doesn't help.

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