Saturday, December 1, 2012

November. Gone.

I still haven't finished my back to knitting socks. In fact, I started another pair of socks, and those are sitting on needles waiting to be finished too. I joined a Ravelry group that puts up sock challenges for the month with the possibility of winning prizes if you complete the monthly challenge by the end of the following month. You get one entry for every pair you finish within the guidelines of the monthly challenge. It is definately good group if you want to learn new techniques.

The sock I chose to do has a lot of texture and I thought would be easy to follow along with since it was a mystery sock and clues would be released each week. I am a pretty slow knitter, but thought I could keep up. It is much further along than the picture shows, but I haven't taken a picture since I cast on. I am sure I could if I had as much time to knit as I would like. Or....if I didn't decide to join in another mystery knit for a cowl. I am determined to finish the mystery socks, that are no longer a mystery because the pattern has been released in full. I have also finished my other mystery kal (pic below shows it almost finished), so i have no excuse not to finish them.

I amazed at how many socks some folks can knit in a month. If I could knit that fast I would have a drawer full of colorful socks and maybe even not look at people like they are crazy when they want me to knit them some socks. I am a selfish knitter. That, and something about someone knowing I am doing something for them, and waiting for it, sucks the joy out of it for me. I don't know why. Two Christmases ago, I decided to make a crocheted log cabin for my bf. I bought all the materials early on in the year and got started. A couple months later I decided to make a prarie star quiltghan for my daughter, and a ciuple months later one for my son. I worked on all 3 without any of them knowing about theirs. I worked on bfs at home, daughters at bfs while watching football with him and toted my sons with me so it was wherever I was. I finished all 3 and all (including me) were amazed I had done all of them once they realized what I had done. Had any one of them asked for these, they would still be waiting I bet. For me, the process is just as much for me as the end result. Not sure if that makes sense, but I have come to understand know this about myself and accept it.

So, I doubt I will be knitting or crocheting for anyone this Christmas, but I am hoping to finish the 2 pair of socks I have started by the end of this month. After all, one pair will make me eligable for prizes and who doesn't love the possibility of winning a prize? I will not cast on another pair until I finish these 2. (REPEAT this to myself until I find a good reason to cast some on and ignore myself.)

Welcome to December!

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