Sunday, January 18, 2009

This week...

I have been able to do a little knitting. I am just stuck on dishcloths. They are mindless, quick projects, so I do lots of them. Plus, I am in 2 KALs, one is weekly, one is bi-monthly, so I always have one going.

This is the one from 1/4/09 weekly KAL, the pattern is called Rose Trellis:

These 2 are the ones from the 1/11/09 weekly KAL, the one on the bottom is called 7 Ridges and I used P&C light blue and seamist, the one or the top is called Citizen Kane and I used P&C brick red:

I have the mid-month cloth for January on the needles still, so will post that next week. I am also working on the Absorba the Great bathmat from Mason-Dixon knitting...I work on that when I don't have a dishcloth does happen
occassionally. LOL

Most of my weekend was spent preparing my thread to list on Etsy and eBay. Finally got that all done and it is even labeled. I get lazy sometimes, and save the labeling for later, but I told myself I could catch up on TiVo if I put the labels on, so that is what I did. Am I the only one who has to bribe myself to get stuff done? Hope not.

I hope everyone has a great week, and maybe (not promising) I will have something more exciting than dishcloths to post next time!


Christina said...

I bribe myself too. I forced myself to work out today and my reward was a cup of DD coffee.

CraftyAshley said...

Hi! Love your knitted dishcloths. I haven't tried to knit a dishcloth yet. Though now I think that I should try. Yours looks great and I too bribe myself!

Debbi-a1 said...

Great dishclothes. I made a ton so last Christmas the few people on my gift list got a bunch (year before every coworker got one). I've had to stop for a while, since I still have a bag of them. But I do like making them.