Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekly update

It finally got cold here over the weekend here in Georgia. We went from having a week mostly in the 70's to the 30-40's. I still won't complain, even though I don't like the cold. Who next week we might be back up in the warmer temps...that's just how it goes here.

I worked my last weekend of birthday parties. I have handed it off to another lady so I can spend time with my son on the weekend. I am relieved, yet sad, as it was a program I helped create and has done well. I could have still helped out booking parties, but after working with the new lady, I decided it would be best if I stepped out completely. I just think there would be too much head-butting going on. I am going to do some marketing for the bowling center still though, but I can do that from home, and still have time to spend with my son. It will be nice to have my weekends back after working there for a little over 3 years (ie. more time to work on my crochet...dyeing threads...learning to knit!).

As for my Christmas was a bust. It's gift card city for everyone but Mom. The unfinished (ahem...unstarted...)projects will have to be allocated to birthdays. My brother and his family live in Colorado, so since they can have snow anywhere from September through ohhhhhh...May (*evi laugh*)...I can send them scarves/hats/mittens after Christmas, and they will still get use out of them. I STILL have to put up my tree. I just haven't had time to get all the stuff done that I wanted, and now I have reached the panic point. Of course, I have to keep up with what everyone else is doing, so I am sure that the time I spend surfing around looking at everyone else's goodies could be better spent...naaaaaaaa! Who am I kidding! LOL


CraftyAshley said...

I'm glad you and your son are going to be able to have a weekend to yourselves. Don't worry about the Christmas rush. No matter what you do it will always come down to everything crazy in the end. I hope you and your son a GREAT weekend!

Caroline said...

Enjoy your new found weekends!

Christina said...

Enjoy your weekend!!

Kylie B said...

You can never have too many gift cert. for Christmas, I'm sure your family will love them :)

I have also had so many plans to make things for people, but it seems like Christmas has crept up on us.....LOL