Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I finally got it!

After trying and frogging and trying again (x 10), I finally figured out the twists on my most current doily project. I had actually given up and decided I was just not going to do them, and the doily could just survive without them in there.

Then, on one last attempt, I finally figured it out...I was going under 2 loops instead of the back looop only. It didn't say this specifically in the instructions however. I was just going by what I knew about crocheting, and since it didn't say it specifically I did what I knew. On a last ditch effort to try to get it, I tried just the back loop...and Eureka!!! Something so simple. I think I have a pretty good handle on crocheting, and this was frustrating me that I couldn't get it. Anyway...I didn't fancy going back and ripping out 5 rounds of work, so I decided I could live with ripping out two rounds, and would attach my spirals separately. It seems to have worked out.

Picture quality isn't the best, but phone cameras aren't the best for quality.